See What We Do

Below we have a photo gallery with some of our work and brief explanations of what was done. Also some events we participated in, and some photo’s of us. If there is something you would like to see on this page, contact us and we will try to get it in for you.

Here’s what happens to the inside of an engine if the oil isn’t changed often enough. By the way, this one was changed as per the factory recommendations. Unfortunately driving in our area is a bit harder on the oil than the manufacturer had anticipated, leading to major engine damage and expense.

This brake system had highly contaminated fluid and sludge buildup in the reservoir. The second photo is after we flushed the brake system.
These photo’s of a carburetor equipped vehicle with engine problems that we replaced the engine in. We also converted it to a smog legal fuel injection system. Now it looks awesome and runs even better!
Sue, Erin and Tyler at Relay For Life
We helped put on CO2 drag races at the Pavilion in Paso Robles. This event was for Jr. High School students, local Schools competed and the students learned a lot and had fun. Check out the creativity of some of our local youth.