We Recycle

Committed to the environment and the community, we have partnered with Evergreen Oil in a recycling program that you won't find at most service centers in the area. Our on-site collection system recycles every type of fluid related to your vehicle. We also recycle scrap metal and plastics.

World Leaders in the Re-Refining of Used Lubricating Oils
Evergreen Oil - Your Engine won't know the difference but the Earth will!

Evergreen Oil is the largest waste oil collection and oil re-refining operation in the State of California.

Evergreen’s commitment to the environment...is so complete that every drop of used oil collected and fed into our facility is recycled into useful products; nothing is wasted.

Evergreen Oil
Collects, Transports and Recycles:

  • Used motor oil for Re-refining
  • Used oil filters for recycling
  • Used antifreeze to offsite recyclers

Evergreen's Neswark re-refinery has been designed to purify the kind of dirty and complex watery oils found in service bays, car washes, and the home garages of do-it-your-selfers.

Evergreen Oil Re-refined Products meet such high standards that the base oils are purchased and blended into the brand name motor oils produced by Chevron and Unocal, as well as other independent lubricant blenders.

  • Light neutral base oil
  • Mid-range neutral base oil
  • Asphalt Fluxs
  • Light end distillates (gas oil)

Evergreen is also a major provider of hazardous waste management. Providing our customers with a full range of environmental services to manage all of their waste streams.